Here’s a story of a fast-growing flight school offering the goldilocks experience – resources of the big guys, but with the personal care of the little guys.

A Little background…

Blue Line Aviation was a small “family-owned” flight school operating out of RDU that was positioned for incredible growth. They knew they need to upgrade the way the presented themselves, and that’s when they talked to Turncoat. We refreshed their brand, crafted a new custom website, accompanied by some incredible photography and video production.


It’s a shame when small businesses forfeit their unique personality and culture in an attempt to imitate the plastic corporate marketing of their national competitors, this was particularly true with flight schools. Small players can make up the differential of resources by discovering their own unique voice, and sticking to it. It’s harder than it sounds, but you must start somewhere. This was our goal for Blue Line.

Blue Line Brand Video

A video all about the feels, culture, and passion. No stock video used!

Career Program Video

A sales video providing and overview of Blue Line’s Career Pilot Program.

Small Change, Big Difference

More often than not a logo needs to be updated, but can’t be made obsolete. It’s amazing what a small tweak can do.


Club Blue is a membership club that gives pilots and students access to Blue Line’s fleet for training or travel. As a program that was part of Blue Line’s school program but also a stand-alone offering to the public, a sub-brand was created to give it its own identity.

We love sub-brands, but boy can they be done wrong! When you have a distinct program or division that needs to stand on its own in certain circumstances then a sub-brand can be a great way to give it some separation while maintaining continuity. What you don’t want is every service you offer to have a kitchy, gimmicky title and confusing brand visuals that either make you look chaotic or a giant coupon flier.

Customizing Every Page

Most “custom” websites are the same framework with new colors and images cranked out over and over. We believe in taking the time to customize every page for its content, purpose, and audience. It’s more work, but the result is worth it.

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