Great companies, no matter how small, deserve to have their story told. Cadco Construction is a commercial construction company with heart, personality, and the love of a job well done. They needed a new identity, website, and video to help them tell that story.

A Little background…

Cadco Construction is a family owned commercial construction company located in Raleigh, NC. As with many B2B industries, technical expertise with high touch service is hard to find for the small and midsized client. Cadco was built on the foundation


The construction industry is very relational. Very rare does someone pull up Google to find someone to build a 15 million dollar project. This leads many construction companies, especially smaller ones, to ignore or devalue their online presence because it’s not what is actually generating their leads. While they may be right, they forget that 70% of word of mouth referrals do online research before calling a company. Your online presence is critical for not only establishing but confirming your credibility and brand positioning.

“All aspects of construction are important but the one we really focus on is Design-Build. The reason we believe in Design-Build is because it truly gives the client a better product.”  – Cortney Duncan CADCO

Conveniently, we think so too. Sharing that passion through video was first on our list. 

The Business that Became a Brand

We went through an intensive brand discovery process. We listened to the leadership, but also held private conversations with their employees. We interviewed dozens of customers, and reviewed feedback data from hundreds of follow-up calls. We discovered the fragments of a compelling, true story of a company who operated with a belief in something larger than themselves. We unearthed these truths, brushed them off, articulated them with a new brand look, voice, core values, and experience, both internally and externally.

The Visuals

Cadco Construction is led by two energetic brothers in law. Cortney and Josh. They work great together and build gorgeous buildings. Their brand didn’t match what they did and they let us take them through the process of revealing what Cadco could really be. We focused on clean lines, bold colors and simple layout structure to let their photographs really shine. What resulted is a truly modern Design-Build firm that finally reflects how fun and professional the owners are.