Here’s a story of an HVAC company who spent five years investing in educating homeowners and building trust; revenue 500% over those five years and $0 in ad spend.

A Little background…

Casey Services is a family owned HVAC company located in Wake Forest, NC. They’ve been around a while, but HVAC is a very competitive market. It can be difficult to stand out and thrive when your larger competitors spending nearly 10x more per month advertising on radio, TV, Yellow Pages, and the internet.

Over the past five years, we have challenged the HVAC marketing conventions of gimmicks and noise by creating marketing designed to attract, educate, and empower the customer.


The HVAC industry could easily be considered a second cousin of the car sales industry in terms of gimmicks and reputation. Casey Services was always different, and being is the hardest part. What they lacked was the ability to articulate and communicate what it was that made them different. That is where we came in…

Email open rates averaged 218% higher than industry averages.

Increased average of web traffic and unique visitors.

19x increase in Google Reviews in 12 months

In an industry flooded with gimmicks and noise,
the only way to stand out is being the opposite.

Conveniently, they were already living it.

The Business that Became a Brand

We went through an intensive brand discovery process. We listened to the leadership, but also held private conversations with their employees and dozens of customers. We also reviewed feedback data from hundreds of follow-up calls. Through this research, we discovered a compelling, true narrative of a company who operated with a belief in something larger than themselves. From there the task was to craft the company’s visual and verbal brand standards, imbued with the company’s narrative.

A brand is best realized by the company’s internal culture than its external veneer. This was the internal culture code we helped Casey Services articulate and represent visually in the crest of values.

Spiritual Life – We answer to a higher judge. Have your spiritual life in order.

Family Life – Provide for your family financially and spiritually through honest, stable, and balanced work.

Lead by Example – The only thing you can control is yourself. Be honest, genuine, and do quality work.

Reliability – Do what you say, when you say you’re gonna do it.

People Helping People – Find a way to improve your customer’s and coworker’s lives every day.