Here’s a story of an eye care practice with a focus on family, but needed the brand to show it. An in-depth discovery process led to small, deliberate tweaks to their image and voice to align their external story with their internal passion.

A Little background…

McPherson Family Eye Care is a well-established eye care provider in Wake Forest, NC. Their practice is cutting edge, their office is modern, and their organization is built to service families. However, their brand image, voice, and website failed to tell this story. The good news was that, like most successful small businesses, they were living out a genuine brand in all the ways that matter most: organizational focus, customer service, and employee culture.


The eye care industry is often characterized with thoughtless script logos, stock photography, and copy/paste websites that are used by hundreds of providers across the country; which is fine for thoughtless, copy/paste practices, but that is not McPherson.

Vision Therapy Overview

This video served as an overview of what vision therapy is and McPherson’s Vision Therapy clinic

Family Night Promo

If your ad is playing before entertainment, like a family movie night, don’t waste time with details about services and equipment. If you make them smile they will remember you.

Small Change, Big Difference

Everyone agreed the logo needed to be updated, but the old logo couldn’t become obsolete overnight. We discovered a profound statement could be made with a small tweak to the logo mark itself. Minor tweaks of the ratios, and offsetting each part of the “m” to look like a family made the logo look less clinical and more playful, warm, and friendly.

Child Brands

It is often that companies need to provide distinction between divisions or departments within their organization while still maintaining cohesion and familiarity. McPherson had four clinics within their practice that needed to stand on their own while maintaining the parent practice brand identity.

We plugged in the right inputs into our logo machine (we call her Cat) and created these three logos.